Admiration brings learning. Look around, there is a lot to admire. The world is a lot bigger than our own troubles, right? There is talent in people, there is beauty in nature, some movies are admirable, some songs have impressive music.

If we don’t admire, we’ll have nothing to compete with. But, when we admire the skills of someone else and find it better than ours, we’ll want to be as good. We always learn from our role models. They inspire us towards improvement.

Nowadays people seek to find flaws – in the government, in the movie, in the air, on the moon – sounds familiar, eh? We are so busy proving everyone else wrong, that we turn a blind eye on things that could be admired.

Let’s take out time for a little admiration. Let’s teach our children its importance. Striving for perfection, without looking at the work of other people will do us no good. Stop looking for things to criticize. Rather, let’s indulge ourselves a bit more in appreciation and admiration.

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