Anger and outbursts

Display of anger and outbursts do no good. Nobody wants to be angry, yet there are times when we cannot control it. Moreover, It is extremely difficult to express anger in productive ways, and more so for our children. It is troublesome to watch them display angry reactions and outbursts. We don’t understand how such behavior can be handled.

Yes, genes also play a role in anger and irritability of children. Trauma, family dysfunction and a harsh parenting style could be one of the reasons why a child is exhibiting anger. It always works to have a calm conversation with our kid, when he/she is in a relaxed mood. We should be their best friends, and evaluate their life from their side of the table. If the situation is going out of hand, we must get a psychological or psychiatric evaluation. This will help in avoidance of ODD, ADHD and other such disorders.

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