Bridging Cultures

Throughout our life we meet people who belong to different cultures and speak different languages. We should know how to get along with everyone and respect everyone’s individuality. We should be focused on bridging cultures. Same is the lesson we need to teach our kids. A person should never be made a friend based on their caste, or religion, but for who they are. It’s all about understanding the person by their own past experiences and traits, rather than sidelining them based on ‘stereotypes’.

Understanding different cultures can be the first step towards covering the cultural gap. We can help our young ones explore and study the different types of cultures that are present in the world. This way, when they grow up and travel or move to other places, they will be able to form friendships and bonds with people who have different ethics. Plus, they will never sideline the individuals just because they look different or act a little differently. The uniqueness will be appreciated, and cultural gap would diminish.

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