Constant Worry

We constantly worry about our children. Are they studying enough? Are they interactive enough? Is their score good enough? – and in the conundrum of thoughts, we don’t realize that we are teaching kids the same habit of chronic worry, which snatches life out of human beings. Constant worry doesn’t help, neither our kids, nor us.

It is normal to find our child worried about their exam, or about their homework. They might be a little too anxious before visiting the doctor. But, how can we figure out that his/her worries are over the edge? Today’s generation is likely to develop anxiety, due to the increased competition and numerous mid-term exams they have to give. And, we can only try our level best to help them get rid of their irrational fears, and figure out if their “constant worry” is getting out of hand. Let’s look into life from their eyes, and help them be at ease.

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