We marvel at the explosion of talent shows on the television in the last 5-6 years. Not only adults, even little kids can be seen coming on the grand stage, and braving the spotlight to sing, dance or cook like a pro. They are then invariably subjected to a detailed critique of their performance by the expert judges. Sometimes eulogized, very often criticized for hitting the wrong note, missing a delicate step, or failing to bring out that flavor or texture in a dish. And all this is virtually broadcast to millions of households across the country. Some kids take it in their stride, even stoically. A few break down uncontrollably. While the judges look on helplessly, maybe wondering if they were unduly harsh.

The byword to deal with such a detailed critique is resilience. Always encourage your kids to recognize and develop their inherent strengths. And use the feedback from others to weed out the flaws in their performance. Whether its knowledge, talent or skill, it has to be painstakingly developed. Prepare them to accept others’ opinions with dignity and humility, but never let it halt the march towards their own goal.

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