A dispute is defined by the Oxford dictionary as an argument or disagreement between individuals or groups. A disagreement may break out for any reason. Between a lender and a borrower, landlord and tenant, parents and children, spouses. Or even countries. Over territorial rights, terms of agreement, social behavior, aspirations, the next meal, anything. Disagreement is a part of our daily lives. However, whatever be the source of conflict, we must emphasize to our children that not every disagreement need to degenerate into an argument.

And this should begin right at home. How do you respond to a neighbor who parks his car in front of your gate? Or to your children, or spouse, in case of a difference of opinion? Your children are subtly noting your verbal communication as well as your body language. Sitting down with the opponent, speaking politely but firmly, demanding your rights, and recognizing your responsibilities, will surely teach them that a disagreement need not escalate into a war. Remember that the world is not unipolar, so your kids need to imbibe the techniques to handle this important aspect.

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