Time is precious. Time is money. Wastage hurts. Completing a task is good. Completing a task efficiently is great. It is the journey from good to great what efficiency is all about. Good may only get us normal privileges but, great is that much desired and sought-after creamy layer. Efficiency opens doors for appreciation, recommendation and growth. Management comes naturally to those who are efficient.

Our kids need to understand that multitasking is not something which works equally well with everyone. Yes, it doesn’t work with most of us and brings down efficiency. Timing activities and adhering to a structure while executing them and honoring the schedule as planned go a long way in becoming efficient. Often kids don’t factor in downtime, they feel fatigue won’t happen to them, really? As parents working with them jointly on their projects is an excellent opportunity to teach efficiency. Our kids must discover that effectiveness of their action is a direct outcome of how efficiently it is done.

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