Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage hurts. It is a sum total of unresolved issues of anger, distrust, failure, expectation mismatch and guilt.  A timely step-in by teachers and parents paves way for a child to get a closure on all open ended regrets.

Not being judgemental with kids and not reprimanding them too harshly helps. Above all, mistakes, blunders and oversights by children need to be corrected and controlled. While doing that we can’t blindsight ourselves from emotional turmoil our mishandling may lead to.  Approaching them with positivity and hope is always the preferred way out. Course correction is a good solution and partnering with our child who is in distress leads to lifelong bonding and a no baggage life.

Emotions are important,  however emotional baggage is an unnecessary evil, it pains, bleeds and tears kids apart.

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