You can do it; Come on, I know you are a winner; If anyone can make it happen, it is you; Yes, you have it in you;  Here comes the leader in making. At some point or another we all use these sentences to encourage our children. Encouragement works, but our kids must believe these sentences. For them to have belief in our words, a strong base is needed.

Our kids need to live an “open and willing” approach to life. In other words, they should be open for innovation and ideas , and willing to risk experimenting them. Notwithstanding the merits of suggestion, willingness to walk on the road less traveled is a huge self confidence building force. Listening to the inner voice helps, they should have control over their priority act and emotion. Yes, of course goals help.

Encouragement should never be at a superficial level. If you have not shown any interest in how your child is preparing for exams, it is unlikely that words of encouragement would make a substantial difference.

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