Looking around us, we notice that every individual faces a unique set of socio-economic circumstances. For example, for some people, their day-to-day challenges may prevent them from realizing their true potential. This has given rise to the concept of equity.

For a society, it is necessary to ensure that everyone enjoys freedom from bias, and justice as per natural law. This notion has given rise to certain programs and laws in India and all over the world. These laws are here to implement the concept of fairness and ‘inclusion’. In fact, The Right to Education Act, and the Jan Dhan Yojana, are two such schemes in India. They ensure that no individual is deprived of minimum school education, or a basic bank account, due to their family background and the lack of financial resources.

As enlightened citizens, it’s our duty to engage in and support the concept of equity. As parents, we have to bring up our children with values that inspire them to create a more equitable society as they grow up.

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