Exercise is core to physical development but, it is not the only reason why our kids must do it regularly. Exercise develops social and mental skills. To activate in them a need for exercise, we have to make it fun. At least, more fun than that video game, TV series or cartoons they enjoy. Motivating children to enroll in school sports or neighborhood groups is one way we can ensure they are physically and mentally fit. If they still resist, we must join them in the playground in the evening or weekends, and play sports like badminton, tennis and what not.

We must try to be a role model for them. Watching us enjoying an active life and having fun all the time, they will themselves remain active. It is time for us to move, literally too. We need to stop making excuses, before we get mad at our children for doing the same.

Exercise is not a rigmarole, it’s fun for everyone.

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