Expanding the Square

Raising a child has several sides to it. For simplification, all sides can be accomodated in either of these four – Social Skills, Academics, Sports and Participation. We can look at this as a square and consider expanding the square of parenting. What if our child scores the first rank, but has no friends in school? A lack of personality, could harm our kid more than the bad grades might.

A kid must develop hobbies. Let them explore the world beyond their academic books. It is important to ensure child does not shy away from people around. We need to help him/her interact well with the family and relatives. When the school organizes cultural events or other co-curricular activities, we must encourage our children to take keen interest and participate. Help them explore the different sports. Is it badminton they like the most, or is it cricket? We must let them enjoy their evenings in the playground.

It is important to remember that at the end of the day, it is the personality which walks and talks, not just academics.

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