Fear is the key to disappointment, maybe even disaster. Moreover, when you are afraid of the outcome, it is tough to be at your best. It is important to give your all and be hopeful that your good is good enough. Furthermore, it works for many when they think of the victory being ahead of defeat and they are being ahead of victory itself. Above all, at the end of the day it is we being ahead of victory and defeat both which holds the key to success. Being Fearless is an interesting dimension to life.

Our kids must learn to be fearless. They must work and play fearlessly. Fear of falling behind in a race should be won over by the joy of winning the race. Winners always look beyond the win, they look at life holistically.

How does one become fearless?   By having a plan B and a plan C, maybe even a plan D. Yes, options and way out work best in tackling fear. Our kids must create “what if” scenarios and get empowered to overcome fear of failure. Life works.

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