Hello to Strangers

Never talk to Strangers‘- is not a practical approach. In today’s time and world saying hello to strangers is necessary. Our kids are bound to communicate with others and make friends. Expecting them to seek our permission before talking to someone may compel them not to tell us about the interaction they had with a stranger. They may fear that they will make us angry or upset, hence tell a lie or hide the truth.

Let us build trust with our kid. Our child must discuss with us every little thing that scared her/him or was uncomfortable. Preschoolers have little ability to analyze dangerous situations, they are still naive and can be fooled very easily. Ask them not to accept gifts, food or drinks from any stranger but, hello, yes, we must teach them to say hello to strangers.

Our purpose is to ensure that in the long run, they should not shy away or become too disinterested to interact with people in a social setting.

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