I, Me, Myself

Time runs our world, or is it we who actually run our world? Do our kids hear us telling them “I don’t have time?”. Do they?  If we take out time for our kids, as per our suitability, they will also perceive that the world is all about ‘I, Me, Myself’. Children are the most crucial part of our lives, but are they aware about it? When we are busy with our work life, too tired to play with the little ones, or when we just don’t wish to miss that cricket match – kids may feel a bit neglected. When they reach out to us for the little things, we must take notice.

It is important for us to be aware about even the silence of our children. We have to let them know that we stand by them – ‘it’s about you, my dear’ –  through thick and thin. It is the only way they’ll know that being available for our loved ones is more important than ‘I, Me, Myself’

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