Kids and their mistakes

“To err is human, to forgive, divine.” But, as parents, we wonder what the right punishment could be so our children learn from their mistakes. We often do not forgive that easily, right? Kids and their mistakes both live a really long life, unfortunately together.

Children will make mistakes, as they experience the world. They will lie, they will act stupid or even impatient sometimes, and make a blunder. Sometimes they shock us with their actions, so much that we end up doubting our parenting. We must realize that we aren’t the only ones. Each kid on the block has made his/her parents ashamed, at some point of time. Haven’t we done plenty of mistakes that made our parents mad?
Of course, gone are the days when parents used to thrash us for our mistakes, and we think oh, we turned out alright! But, the world goes by the books now. Maybe we can do a better parenting. Each mistake, with the level of extremity can be dealt with differently. It is not necessary to be angry at them for every petty thing they do, but we can communicate and teach them the difference between appropriate and not so appropriate.

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