Maintaining Balance

In today’s hyper connected world it is easy to lose it all, fairly quickly and without much provocation. It happens with us adults and it happens with our children. Maintaining balance in life was never easy but now it is extremely difficult for many.

Each of us has different variables in our life, different resources available, and of course different tasks to accomplish. Add to that different levels of fitness and ambition, and we are dealing with an infinite set of permutations and combinations. There is so much of information overload happening all around us, mindfulness almost seems like a mirage. Moreover work pressure, peer pressure, family pressure, etc. take their toll. In the midst of it all, it is easy to lose control over our eating patterns, working hours and sleep. Leading to major health setbacks.

Nevertheless, our kids need to learn to prioritize their tasks, ask for help, and take time to disconnect sometimes. To read, travel, enjoy music, play a sport, or simply socialize. It will help them maintain that elusive balance. And get back to their normal tasks with renewed vigor.

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