Managing Tantrums

Tantrums are the most difficult to handle, eh? Those angry outbursts by our children, often drive us crazy. It gets too hard to control the overwhelming emotions bursting inside us. And, we often snap-back. Of course managing tantrums needs knowledge and skill.

We have to understand that children are likely to throw a tantrum when they are unable to express their emotions in a healthy manner. Tantrums are an easy approach for them to convince people around. Thus, when a child is being difficult, we must encourage him/her to tell what is actually bothering them. Reason with them, and try to understand what they want, why they want, as a meaningful conversation always helps.

Frequency of tantrums thrown may dramatically come down if the kid understands what is negotiable and what is not. Talks leading to, during and after a tantrum are key to next tantrum being thrown up and when.

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