Patience is magical, both as a trait and as a word. Patience follows nature, slow and steady to the door of the victory. But then patience just can’t be infinite, if it is not working, next step needs to be taken. Patience is seldom our goal, it is a maneuver and a step towards our targets and goals.

For our kids, plants are the greatest teacher of patience. They need to learn to be patient and we need to be patient as they will not learn it overnight.

Here is a translation from a Sanskrit Shalok – (Shanai Kantha, Shanai Pantha…)

When you stitch, it is one stitch at a time

When you cover a distance, you walk step by step

When you cross over a mountain, you cross slowly

When you study, knowledge comes at its own pace

And at last

Wealth comes to you slowly too.

All the five happen at their own slow pace.

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