Pooris Pizzas Pastas and Paranthas

Baked is good, fried is bad. Pizza is modern, Pooris are passe. A familiar story. A familiar health disconnect. It is not about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, it is about Growth, Health and Energy.

Balance works, the good and the bad are out of the window. If you eat healthy at home, the child eats healthy too. If the child sees you hurrying through breakfast with “Uncle Chips” on the breakfast table, how in this world can you expect the child to have a glass of milk for her/his breakfast? It is time for us to move away from the good and the bad and, stick to, almost everything that possibly works. The same happens when monthly groceries are bought and stocked. What you bring to the table, is eventually what your child would eat.

If possible, let the kid understand food isn’t there to just expire and fill a trash can. It has to be consumed with the dates mentioned. Younger kids must learn that neither can they keep the food inside their mouth, waiting for an opportunity to throw it out nor, have half of the family including the old granny with her stick running all around to feed her/him.

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