Synonym of Punctuality is Respect for Others.

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late’. ~ William Shakespeare

Punctuality might be a hard trait to acquire, but once we attain it, it becomes a part of us. If we are punctual, we would never be late for a movie, nor for a gathering, nor for an interview.

It is not the event that is important but the habit that is being formed.

Isn’t it annoying when a friend asks us to meet at a particular time, yet is himself/herself an hour late? We can never teach our kids punctuality by our words, but by setting examples. Let them be apologetic when they arrive late at the dinner table or are late getting ready.

We must teach our kids the importance of being on time. It is the only way to prevent the unnecessary stress that could add up for them and others in life, when they are late at crucial moments.

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