Reality Check

We’ve all heard statements like: “I worked hard, looks like I was unlucky in exams” or “there must have been a totaling mistake”. These statements routinely fly in several households. And, why not? Firstly, everyone hopes for the best. Furthermore we are becoming a 24×7 excuses workshop.  No one looks at real picture before the exams and does a reality check, the postmortem is a different story.

Is it depth? When our kids say they are ready and all preparations are done, do we leave it at that? This is where reality check steps in. The next big question: What all had you prepared, what was left, helps. Similarly, the question – did you know all questions or did you complete all sections should also squeeze in. If there is space for ambiguity, reality usually escapes out of that. Definitely, It is good to stay on the same page with our kids at all times.

Our kids must believe –

If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.Mark Twain

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