Show Off

People show off to attract attention and admiration. In fact, with the advent of Facebook, flaunting has become a part of our lives, more than ever. Often, the flaunting is a way to hide one’s own insecurities. We never want people to see us in the dark, hence, we put on a mask.

Showing off may have both positives and negatives. Impressing a  client by flaunting one’s successes, is a way to grab that business deal, and in no ways is it harmful. But, in day-to-day personal lives, unnecessary flaunting could turn into a personality disorder.

Why are we making a purchase? To fulfill our own requirement, or to show it off to someone else? The line between both becomes thinner. We start seeking things, only to satisfy that we “look good” in someone else’s eyes.

Children tend to be attention-seekers, but they must not develop a snobbish attitude as their motto to gain admiration. Otherwise, they’ll turn into individuals who make people cringe, when they start talking about themselves.

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