Transparency is an approach to build trust and taste success. If one wants to become transparent in her/his actions overnight, it is just not possible. Transparency is a character trait. Either it is in you or it is not. If it is not in your trait most attempts to be selectively transparent are likely to be fake. Depth in trust requires no cloak of secrecy, it requires detailing and facts. No space for fiction again.

Can we get our kids wedded to facts? Can we tell them that life offers enough opportunities to indulge in story writing? If we plain speak, our kids do too. If we circumvent issues at times, our kids circumvent them every time. At times not revealing a few facts become a necessity, our kids need to bring themselves to understand and cross validate that need and use discretion.

A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.Dalai Lama

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