Whining is essentially a communication gap. A kid knows that it bothers a parent and uses the same to get a message across which is not getting conveyed. When kids are stressed or overwhelmed, or simply way too stubborn – their “sweet voice” that we adore turns into an annoying high-pitch tone. Whining, what we call it, can get to our nerves. Young children do it when they want something, right then-and-there. They are kids, after all, and they are well-aware that combination of grumbling and moaning is the best ways to get our attention unless we prove it  otherwise.

Asking nicely works, whining just won’t work.  That’s the message kids must get straight. Generosity with praise, motivation and participation in decision making are strong counter magnets to wailing & hauling around.

Science suggests that whining could be a result of children wanting to spend more positive time with you. Usually, they want to feel loved at the moment.  Thus, we must ensure from our side that the family environment is healthy for children.  Negative displays of emotion is often a prominent reason why the kid indulges in murmuring and complaining often.

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