Who Am I?

We spend our lives finding an answer to “Who am I?”. It is easy for most of us to judge others, and often we know “our friends better than ourselves”. We are shocked with our impulsiveness, or lack of decision making. We are shocked by our angry outbursts and mistakes. So much, that when we stare into the mirror, it gets tough to recognize the person looking back at us.

While we struggle with our identity, our children are struggling too. They may hate that they cannot speak up in the classroom. They may hate that they have no best friends. They might be insecure about being an introvert. It is highly likely that they do not know what they want to do in life, and getting frustrated whether they should pick up “science” or “arts” for their future. In these times, we should let them know, that we are not a “constant.”

With the innumerable experiences in life, we learn and we evolve. Let’s help our kids pick all the right pieces from their experiences, so they can also evolve into a better version of themselves – someone they want to be.

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