Who is an Achiever?

Question: Who is an achiever?

Answer: Anyone who sets a goal and meets it.

Yes, it is this plain speak. Degree or importance of achievement can be a subject of discussion but not the fact that if a goal is kept and met, it is an achievement.

At first we need to encourage our wards to be achievers. Subsequently, motivate them to consider whether they wish to be a high achiever in their subject of choice. It all begins from thinking, thinking about a goal, thinking about how it would be achieved and whether to set it or not. Thinking through is the foundation much needed for any achievement. Secondly it is about listening skills, listening and not speaking or hearing is what leads to knowledge gain. Knowledge is needed in setting, achieving and analyzing goals. Lastly, achievers don’t easily move their goal post or give it up easily.  If we demonstrate these traits to our kids and encourage them to think about how they wish to evolve, smiles are guaranteed.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney

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