Artificial Intelligence Applications

Here is a list of a few AI apps in the education industry which are making education easier, smarter, productive. They are listed in the alphabetical order.

  • Brainly-

This is a social media platform for the students, by the students. The site is meant for students aged 13 years or older, across the world, to ask and answer the questions from any subject they wish to. It is claimed that the questions are answered within 10 minutes most of the time. There are subscription and monthly charges which may change according to the internal policies.

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  • Italk2learn-

It is an online math tutoring software that keeps a track of the past performances of the child to customize the learning experience. They offer assessment and evaluation reports for an easy access to the strengths and weaknesses of the students. This platform has centred its attention around ‘fractions’, acknowledging that the students face a problem in solving fractions. They have interactive techniques, voice recognition feature that studies the voice tone of the student and changes the mode and level of instruction accordingly.

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  • MIKA-

It is an online math tutoring app by Carnegie Learning, providing one-to-one tutoring solutions for Higher Ed. It employs active learning approach where the students engage with the learning material through reading, writing, talking, listening, reflecting, instead of just listening to that the educationists are saying. MIKA functions on the principle of unique learning solution for each student.

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  • Netex-

Smart Ed, an initiative of Netex, aims at the digital transformation of classrooms and making the learning experience adaptive. The classroom-oriented tools aim at developing a smart pedagogy for better learning in class. Techniques such as integrated authoring, learning analytics, gamification of the learning experience, data-driven learning design, real-time collaboration through video calls, are bought in the picture so that the students are better engaged in the classrooms. This online tool provides a 100% free demo class facility to understand.

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  • Thinkster math-

Based on the principles of authenticity and passion for learning, this app aims to teach math to students of K-8 grades beyond geographical barriers, curriculum standards or limitations to access. The students are tested through a pre-test where their strengths and weaknesses are analyzed. Thereon, the learning journey begins whereby the parents are also well informed through weekly conferences and parent insights app. The students are guided by elite tutors and learning is facilitated through one-on-one classes and easy access to videos for test preparations. The facilities vary with the membership that ranges between INR 999/- to INR 1599/- per month.

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