What is counselling?

Recommendations from professionals is a wise move before venturing into hefty decisions in life. Crucial life decisions pertaining to health, finances, career, family, are better backed up with the involvement of experts. Counseling is a smart decision that gives the right direction to the resources that could otherwise go waste.

Career selection is one of the major decisions in everybody’s life. It is the driving wheel for the upcoming years- right choice would help you become successful, while the wrong choice might end up frustrating you and making you inefficient.

A career counsellor is a person who listens to your ideas, your goals, your interests, your concerns for your career, your fears, etc. with an eye to find the best solution for a long-term life and career enhancement. Career counsellors have years of experience with all kinds of students, they also have their researches to support their reasoning. Not everybody who needs some help for their or their child’s career goes to a career counsellor. They might also consider the option of consulting a career advisor. Although people might consider the two same, there is a stark difference between career counsellors and career advisers.

Career counsellor Career adviser
Understands the needs, interests, aptitude, skills of the clients before advising them the best solution. They help to find the right course and college.
They don’t tell you the courses or the institution. Rather focus on the long-term career advice as per your skills. They give details on what course, college or jobs the students should apply for.

Let us also try to understand the difference between career assessment and career planning.

Career Assessment Career Planning
Analysis of an individual’s interests, aptitudes, skills for deciding the right field Designing steps and strategies to succeed in the chosen career
Career assessment should begin before deciding the field Career planning is an ongoing process to cope up with the day to day challenges and activities.

With the increase in student population between 2014-2024, it is estimated that the number of counselors will rise up to eight percent. As per the data by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for counselling will bring about 22,000 new jobs.


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