‘If today, you are able to read what you are reading, thank your teacher!’

Teachers have a noble responsibility- to make the other professions possible. After the parents, it is the teachers who have a significant impact on the lives of their kids. Teaching is not just about explaining what is written in the textbooks, it is rather a delicately crafted workmanship to enable the child to explore and grow. Motivating, inspiring, supporting, guiding, playing, teaching life lessons, all are the roles of a teacher. A teacher is remembered by a student for how the teacher nurtures and addresses his/her talents through lessons which knew no boundaries of a classroom.

Upholding the traditions of passion and innovation, teachers are change makers as they play a pivotal role in shaping the society. They educate the young seeds to become fruitful plants and trees. Teachers strengthen the roots by developing the kids holistically. It is necessary to understand that neither the parents nor the educationists can provide the best ecosystem to the kids. It is only with the cooperation from both sides that education comes easy and applicable for the students. Teachers need to stay updated in order to pass the relevant and credible information to parents and students. With the natural bend towards learning, teachers stay young and continue to evolve. Afterall, if you are not evolving, you will extinct soon!