Introduction to Exhibitions and Installations

Is classroom learning enough to feed the interests and enthusiasm of the dynamic and students? To explore and engage in novel ideas, the students must step out of the conventional classrooms. They are future leaders and innovators who carry the potential to bring a rewarding change in the world.

There is no denying that textbooks are important. But, in order to implement the concepts of textbooks, there needs to be a platform to provide hands-on experience. Exhibitions are the platforms that support the innovative ideas of the young geniuses. It is essential to understand that exhibitions are not limited to academics. In the recent years, the pedagogy has changed to address the talents and interests of the students, be it arts, music, dance or sports.

Exhibitions provide heuristic learning that fosters imagination as they allow the young kids to display their innovative ideas. Academic skills, personality development skills, communication skills are easy to acquire when students participate in or visit an exhibition.

When students participate in exhibitions, they develop skills like-

  • Teamwork
  • Management skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Analytic skills

With the central objective to enable learning with fun, exhibitions attract students through various means like-

  1. Exhibitions where schools can participate
  2. Exhibitions where parents can take their kids

School participation in fairs and exhibitions is quintessential for the development of students beyond the theoretical sphere. Schools are the second home or the students with a holistic ecosystem. Exhibitions are organized as a catalyst for learning, encouraging students and teachers to work collaboratively. In such an atmosphere, learning becomes interesting, inspiring more and more students. It is a welcoming experience as innovative kids get a chance to display their talent and get expert guidance which adds finesse to their emerging talent.

The involvement of parents in their kids’ life is pre-eminent from an early age. Guidance from parents is not just limited to academics. They can be their child’s sports partner, talking partner, mentor, a figure with whom they can talk about any and everything without hesitation. Parents, through their cooperation, can become kids’ ideal partner to go and out and explore what life has to offer. Visiting the exhibitions together is a great idea for parents as well as kids. They both spend quality time, learn and grow together, create comfortable space for each other, the generation gap narrows, they learn about each other’s’ interests.

The bright side of visiting exhibitions and participating in them does not end here and it is best to feel them instead of talking about them!

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