A 360-degree change: the journey to parenthood.

Parents have a dynamic presence in the kids’ lives – nappy changers, storytellers, magicians, friends, mentors, motivators, teachers, debating partners, moral correctors, counsellors, and what not. People become parents much earlier than their children are born. The planning, preparation, change in priorities, accommodating with the new roles, all begins with caution and excitement.

The lifestyle and priorities kids have in life are supplemented consciously or sub-consciously by their parents. From being a part of the kids’ food preferences and college preferences, parents are omnipresent. And why not! After all, they are the only selfless beings who do their best, work day and night to provide a comfortable life for their kids.

With such a crucial role to play, it is essential to keep the parents more involved and more informed. It is true that often a child spends more time in school, with friends than he/she spends at home. But, saying that doesn’t reduce the roles and responsibilities of parents. Getting the kids into an academically renowned school is the first step to formal education. However, it is necessary to understand that the ecosystem at home plays a crucial role in supplementing that learning. A collaborative and transparent communication and working between the schools and parents enables building a better learning environment for everyone.