Introduction to Reading Resources

Reading is the habit, which when indoctrinated from an early age and in the right manner, becomes an indispensable part of their life. There are as many books as there are interests and requirements of the readers. It’s just about finding the right resource for an enriching experience.

Reading resources can range from articles from experts, journals, academic papers, webinars, powerpoint presentations, websites, reading applications, satellite classes, digital backpack, and so on.

Reading resource is a pool of information to take care of the reading needs of parents, children from primary, middle, and high school. Providing information and providing the precise and timely information are two very different things. While one can exhaust you indefinitely, the other one can make you efficient by saving time and effort.

A good reading resource is the one that acknowledges delicacy of time and strategizes information in the most time-efficient manner. When we say strategizing, we mean that the resources will cater to the need of students and parents according to age, interest, and subjects. Also, the resources which can be accessed at any hour of the day by everyone- the young, elderly, disabled, blind, are considered holistic resources.

Benefits of accessing a reading resource-

  1. It is efficient (time and energy saving).
  2. It guides you through credible information sources.
  3. It is a one-stop destination for information.
  4. It protects the readers from misleading information.
  5. Doesn’t let wrong information multiply.
  6. It is a potential place for reading information from subject experts.
  7. Brings Students, teachers and parents on the same page.

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