List of Reading Resources

There is no end to the available reading resources. Following are some online reading resources. These resources are listed in the alphabetical order.

  • Britannica-

It is a one-stop destination for students, kids and parents, to read and learn about the subjects they need at school – math, science, social science, literature, economics. This is a reliable resource which invented multimedia encyclopedia back in 1981. A sub-section of the site, Britannica Kids, takes care of the homework needs of the kids at all levels.

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  • Cram101-

The site has comprehensive practice tests, highlights the important parts in a textbook, and provides additional material to understand the topic well. At cram101, customised books are available, and the resource has a global reach. With this site, the readers can get unlimited books on a particular topic. They also have study groups where the students can get their doubts clarified.

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  • Edutopia-

A reading resource that takes care of the academic, emotional, stress-buster, mentoring, needs of the students is Edutopia. It is much more than a reading resource. It is also a parent-centric site, guiding the parents through the various demands of kids with growing age. For the teachers, it is an effective strategizing site for information on assignments, class management, etc.

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  • Eliademy

This is a platform for students and educators. By simply uploading the lessons, the teachers and students can teach and learn them in the comfort zone of their houses. The site allows instructors to upload their lessons in a very simple step by step manner with online multimedia, videos, discussions, quizzes, and customizable completion certificates. It needs no special IT training, hence the barrier to access the site is diminished.

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  • Khan Academy-

With the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, khan academy is one of the most visited sites by students. It covers the topics of the K-12 education and provides online tests and assignments as well. The site is a founded by a Harvard MBA student Sal, who started this platform in 2005 and now has a team of experts from all over the world who contribute to the site.

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  • Project Gutenberg-

It provides free e-books to read and download from over 57,000 books. Gutenberg doesn’t charge anything from anybody and is a freely available reading resource form all across the world. There is no special application needed to access the books here, they can be read over the browser. They have special features like Audiobooks, moving pictures, recorded music, which enhances the learning experience.

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  • Readtheory

This is a free online reading site with original content created by a team of experts, authors, content writers, and educationists. With the mission to provide a monitored reading place to all, this site makes a profile and decides a reading level for all. It is based on the students’ score in the pretest conducted by the site experts. Also, the site operates under 2 heads- student login and teacher login. The features of both vary, seeing the usability. Also, it is possible to track the reading progress of the students.

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  • Ted Ed-

This is a youth and education initiative by the TED organization to foster the young and innovative minds’ curiosity. Launched in 2012, this is a great reading resource for the kids to expand their horizons of knowledge. They bring together the students and teachers by doing everything that supports learning- from providing animated videos to allowing an educator to upload their lessons.

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  • Wikipedia-

This is one of the most widely accessed reading resources by people of all ages and nationalities. At Wikipedia, people get information on almost all the topics. They cover aspects like history, evolution, objective, concepts, examples, global relevance. It is possible to get a grasp of a new topic if the information on Wikipedia is thoroughly read and internalized.

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