A student so wise,

with guidance by his side,

holds the capacity to cross the isle.

Education is the dream and right of all students, irrespective of their nationality, age, gender, economic status, and geographical location. There are as many students as there are things to teach and learn. There is something that suits the aptitude and interest of all students. The only pre-requisite is guidance in the right direction and in the right manner.

Students are a powerhouse of learning new things and exploring new dimensions. Acknowledging the differences in interests and aptitudes, multiple fields exist to give the befitting exposure to students. Learning comes from peers, families, social events, outings, trips, day-outs, but never comes to a halt.

There is nothing that operates in isolation. If there is a learning platform, there has to be a set of students accessing it and benefiting from it. In addition to being academically active, students must focus on the extra-curricular activities that develop the students’ personality. It develops the social and emotional skills in them.

Students make teachers and parents effective by reproducing and applying what is taught to them. A good student not only brings rewards to himself or the family but is an asset for the nation as well. When a student takes learning seriously, he/she is in a position to transform the society. It is imperative to get the know-how of things if the students see themselves as the harbinger of the change.
Education and disciplined students together, thus are a blessing for everyone.