Introduction to Summer Reading

‘That’s the beauty of books- they let you experience the past and the future while you are still living in the present moment’

Summer vacations are the merry-making time for the kids. All they wish for is French fries and fun with friends and family. An ideal summer vacation from a child’s perspective is when they don’t have to wake up early and can sleep for as long as they want to.

The other aspect of summer vacations is utilizing the time to identify and strengthen the passion and skills that are still undiscovered. When the students are involved in the activities, they stay active both mentally and physically. Also, they are able to identify and pursue their passion, which is fruitful in the long run.

Reading can be classified into two types –

Forced– by the parents, teachers, and peer pressure. This leads to students lacking interest in studies or considering it a burden. It has been observed that a forced learning framework fails to give good results. It has more negatives than positives. It is a not a preferred method when we consider the long-term prospects of studies and the attitude towards studies.

Voluntary– This form of learning is an interesting framework where the teacher, students, and parents work as a team. Instead of being the instructors, they are the mentors. Innovative and friendly methods of learning encourage students and it has been observed that it is easier to get inputs from them in this framework. Also, when the methods are dynamic, and a child is given his/her space to read and explore the things that interest them, studies will become an activity they would always love to be indulged it.

When students read voluntary, they remember it by heart and the positive part is that they inculcate those values in their lives. It is hence visible in their personality.

Reading should be-

  • Relaxing
  • Interesting
  • Educating
  • Connected
  • Relevant to the capabilities of the readers
  • Versatile


  • Gives words to our thoughts
  • Inspires us
  • Helps us travel to distant places through imagination
  • Makes us courageous
  • Reshapes our outlook
  • Facilitates innovation
  • Relaxes and revitalizes
  • Broadens vocabulary

It has been realized that developing the habit of reading among children is a tactful task. So, beginning with audiobooks is a good idea. Visual learning has been considered an effective way to learn things. The learners grasp and remember visual things more quickly, especially at a young age.

As the children develop an interest in the story books, they can then be handed the print version of the books. Also, the initial measures can involve picking up a book that has been adapted into a movie. On showing the visual version, kids not only develop an interest, but their retention power also increases.

The other ways in which summer reading can be promoted are-

  • Organizing mini gatherings where kids talk and discuss their recent readings.
  • Organize a giving week where the kids gather together and exchange the books. This will enhance social skills and sharing skills among the kids.
  • Organizing skits, or performances based on the books kids read.
  • Encouraging them to talk about their learnings, observations, pre and post reading the book.
  • Complimenting them.
  • Reading with the kids. This would make them feel loved and hence they would look forward to reading books as a means of getting love.
  • Taking them to book fairs or field visit to a public library.
  • Organizing a riddle where with each achievement, a new book is unlocked for the kids to read.

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