List of Summer Reading Programmes and facilities in India

  • Scholastic Book Fairs-

Scholastic, in partnership with multiple schools across India, hosts more than 4000 programmes annually.  The book fairs aim to foster reading habits among school kids. The books are segregated according to the age and grades of the student to facilitate the selection of right books. The book lists are designed by experts- educationists, psychologists, researchers to ensure sustainable lists. It is a popular and a sort-after programme in India as ‘scholastic’ is a trusted name in the field of education.

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  • Scholastic book clubs-

This is a platform that provides a list of books according to age groups of the students. It is an online and easy to access facility. It is bifurcated into three categories-

  1. Champ- pre-K to class 12
  2. Ace- for class 3rd to 5th
  3. Star- for class 6th to 8th
  • Discover kids-

This is a library to provide reading resources for the kids from the age of 2-10 years. It is an online service where a person needs to login to unveil the treasure of books available for kids. This site takes care of the holistic academic requirements according to the dynamic kids. They have a puzzle zone, reading zone, play area, etc. to take care of the kids’ needs.

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  • Reading caterpillar-

This is a book club in Delhi for children up to the age of 10 years. The books for the kids are carefully selected so that there is something for every child to read and build interest around.  providing them a cozy environment to explore the books they want to read. It is located in the Nizamuddin West, Delhi-110003.

  • The Reading Room by My Little Chatterbox-

This is a reading club for the kids from the age of 0-10 years. At Reading Room, the team is trying to build a book studio by handpicking each book that the kids read here. It is located in JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078.

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  • My Mitra Children’s Library-

The library lives up to its name Mitra– friend as it is a kid-friendly library where children are provided a friendly mentoring and guidance to enhance the reading experience. It is open for all the people from the age of 1 years. They have a different set of activities for different age groups. It is located in Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560082.

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  • Little Readers’ Nook-

Started in 2012, this is a comprehensive platform to take care of the reading need of children from the age of 2-10 years. The initiative aims to inculcate soft skills, critical thinking, life skills to kids through stories. The Little Readers’ nook is spread across 25 cities in India. They aim to provide an ecosystem to the kids where they acquire skills through the involvement of literature.

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