About Teacher Exchange Programmes

A catalyst to the child’s innate learning capacity, a teacher nurtures the child through his/her delicate years. A good teacher understands the needs of students and modifies his/her approach according to the evolving times. A healthy student-teacher is as vital as a relationship between parents and kids as teachers have a paramount role in nurturing the child.

It is empirical that a passionate teacher makes better students. Such teachers are open to learning at all stages in their lives, they love what they do, and hence find refined ways to reach their students. They are open to suggestions which enhances the students’ experience and attitude towards learning. A passionate teacher is an asset to any country as they strengthen the education sector by making better students.

Since learning is a persistent process, refurbishing the teaching techniques as well as the teaching faculty is always welcomed. One such platform is the Teacher Exchange Programme (TEP). A teacher exchange programme is an opportunity where a teacher practicing in the home country can swap places with a teacher from a foreign country. It is a relatively new concept in India as the schools have a vague idea about it or are skeptical about it. When one tries to understand the positive aspect of any initiative, the acceptance for the same increases. Here are the benefits of TEP for students as well as the teachers-

  • Newer learning methods trigger learning

  • Understanding the psychology of students and teachers worldwide

  • Narrowing of cultural differences

  • Broader social reach

  • Career enhancement for teachers

  • Knowledge enhancement for teachers

  • Ease of accessing the global teaching methods

  • Acceptance and incorporation of advanced teaching techniques

  • Innovation in the field of education

While considering the TEP, the teachers give preference to the following destinations-

  • The United States

  • The United Kingdom

  • Japan

  • Canada

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